To Life… A Birthday Wish


To Life.. A Birthday Wish

Life is to be lived
many people may say
But few stand for life
fewer live it
and even few love it
today and everyday

I have a friend,
not one who knows my whereabouts,
nor just events in my life,
but me as a person,
my life as a philosophy,
and my values as a virtue;
who knows at all times and seasons,
what will never change are my reasons.

With values many look up to,
and the intelligence that stems from the same,
he can evoke respect and awe
with just the sound of his name,

This day, as i realize my need
to tell him something special,
I tell myself that everything he is
There’s more than he sees in himself,
Something close to awesomeness
Something truly exceptional

So this day, i tell myself
that I will be this friend to him, as he is to me,
And will help more clearly see himself
As he is – larger than life, larger than me.

To the modern day Roark
who lives life to the fullest,
being himself all the way,

Dagny Taggart wishes
a quiet, unceremonious &
delightful birthday 🙂


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