When I wrote to myself…


Feb CalendarTo Love

In the name of love,
By the name of love,
lives a person.
One whose love
stems from the mind
driven only by reason

“Love is a craving,
Love is addiction
Love is default
for all blood relation”
the world often says..
Her love is not
one so common
not just by its rarity
but also by definition.

In the highest expression
of ones values.
In the acknowledgement
of such an expression,
In the endurance of the soul
that changes not in adversity.
In the noblest exchange
of the highest values,
In loving all, at all walks of life, who possess
values worth admiration,
She sees love for oneself and
love for the virtues of men
shining through.

Of all those she loves
one never alters…
Never shrinking
only soaring,
is the love she has
for herself.

A love, not made of arrogance,
a love of all that’s best in her.
A love that instills faith in herself
one that sees the best in the other.
A love that stemmed
from her conscious volition,
a love that was recognized
not by some fuzzy emotion,
by pure, logical cognition.

What can I say to this person,
In all my wonderful moments with her ?
What can I say oh so clearly
to the woman I place at an alter ?

On her special day,
the day that marked the beginning
of not just her existence but her life,

I wish my amazing self
“a Happy birthday..
you are the love of my life…”


To Life… A Birthday Wish


To Life.. A Birthday Wish

Life is to be lived
many people may say
But few stand for life
fewer live it
and even few love it
today and everyday

I have a friend,
not one who knows my whereabouts,
nor just events in my life,
but me as a person,
my life as a philosophy,
and my values as a virtue;
who knows at all times and seasons,
what will never change are my reasons.

With values many look up to,
and the intelligence that stems from the same,
he can evoke respect and awe
with just the sound of his name,

This day, as i realize my need
to tell him something special,
I tell myself that everything he is
There’s more than he sees in himself,
Something close to awesomeness
Something truly exceptional

So this day, i tell myself
that I will be this friend to him, as he is to me,
And will help more clearly see himself
As he is – larger than life, larger than me.

To the modern day Roark
who lives life to the fullest,
being himself all the way,

Dagny Taggart wishes
a quiet, unceremonious &
delightful birthday 🙂

The World of Boxes


19HThe World of Boxes

A Corporate Leader thinks,
how rare has it become to think.
Every law followed
not in spirit, but as per the ink.

Everyman for himself,
Fighting for his place, his “needs”,
as if for his life..
He designs twists and turns
in all his creations,
designing just strife.

And the Leader tries
with all her might
to make sense of this condition,
For the interests of rational men
at all times
have no contradictions.

Then she looked at this weird world
with a completely different lens,
As a world of cardboard boxes
And suddenly it seemed to make sense…

Boxes judged not by content nor
the significance of its presence
But by an unthought guess of its worth
and by the network of its acquaintance.

No box thought that it could grow
because it was after all cardboard
And never attempted change

But few were different,
few challenged their reality
And became much more..

The few changed their dimensions
transformed their being
to be the best at their role,
And once they started
nothing really mattered
They were on a roll..

The many did curse,
the many did critique
the accomplishments of the few
But they couldn’t ignore
in the heart of their hearts,
the greatness of the few

In the irrational world
of the minds of many,
the few they said were tiny.
And so they claimed
until the few left their world
or turned into the many.

This irrational world,
might still seem rational
to many who sits still and gawks.
The Corporate Leader
will now dismiss them knowing
they are only a box within a box.